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Entry #9

Moving into mobile - Weirdwood Manor Kickstarter

2013-08-15 13:54:56 by NegativeONE

Hey all,

I've been quiet lately, and for that, I apologize. I do have one little Flash game on the go, but I'll tell you a little more about that when it's closer to completion. Most of my focus has been shifting to my day job, more and more over the 5 or 6 years I've been there. That said, I'm reaching out today to seek interest in our new Kickstarter venture.

The project is called The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor, and it's an ambitious reimagining of an interactive children's book. That might not be in line with the majority of Newgrounds' crowd, but I know for a fact that there are quite a number of parents in the community. Even beyond that, the app has a pretty strong general appeal, with its solid visuals, minigames, and creation tools. Something for everyone.

Anyhow, check out the Kickstarter page here for lots more information, video, images, and backer bonuses. I think you'll agree it's coming along well and has a very slick look, but don't be fooled - the project is rooted in indie spirit. We've supported it out of our pockets so far, and now we'd love some community support to take it through the home stretch. Have a look!

Moving into mobile - Weirdwood Manor Kickstarter


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2013-08-15 17:38:12

looks great man, good luck!

NegativeONE responds:

Thanks, old chum. Fingers crossed.


2013-08-15 19:57:55

I remember you...

NegativeONE responds:



2013-08-15 20:10:46

My God, you're still alive?
I'd pledge some money if I had any....

NegativeONE responds:

Yes, quite alive. Just terribly... terribly lazy.


2013-08-16 02:39:15

To me, this seems much more appealing than wonderbook. I dunno why. But GEEZ, 11 days left?!


2014-12-06 15:08:53

negative one, add me on steam!