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Yeah, we're all gonna get a lot of things done tomorrow.

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I got all medals,im teh crazy fan.

I made a joke:

NegativeOne is so NEGATIVE,2+2 is -4

Heheh, but you're too late to be the crazy fan mentioned in my post. I already got all of the medals the next day :P But congrats, well earned.

dam! does this hav 2 b about the medals? anyway the rumble wud b btr if convincts final wud b easier

Due i was playing NG rumble and i was so close to 100% and my GOD DAMN computer deleted all my data! Again! I hate my computer so much... T_T

Shit dude : [

When will you make the downloadable version have all the updates :C
I want to play Fancy and Hank on the exe :C

Downloadable?Hahaha it already is:

Firefox:Right Click>View Page Info>Media>find teh swf file,download it

Then you need a program to run it:
Go to MindChambers's site and download NGR exe

Right click on SWF file,and make it run thru the NGR exe

There,play 4 life now

pleas pleas pleas !pleas! make a castle crasher in newgrounds rumble as a character it would be cool also if u can pick the color

A cute guy on NG? Rare.

Where?! ): O

I downloaded the NGR.exe version and it has Hank and Fancy Pants.Only the Henchman(men)are twitching.-_-

Twitching? Could you elaborate?

Like trying to jump and then they are like going up and down,up and down and they wont stop untill they got hit.It mostly happens when they start to jump or going to roof or down the hall in Nevada stage.

Hmm, couldn't recreate it just now, but I'll watch for it and see if it happens to others.

50th Comment!


The bar will bar you. ERRRGH


a dude you should put that guy off of dad n me . that would be really cool ....

Can you pls put johnny rocket fingers in ng rumble.pretty please.I always ave loved newgrounds rumble.And if you an put a multiplayer arena, it would be perfect.

If I did the latter, it would probably cost you money :P

tou make very good games like newgrounds rumble thats my fav

Hey do you plan on making a Newgrounds Rumble 2?

We'll see.

all my save data for newgrounds rumble somehow keeps on getting erased.

Right click the Flash and go into the properties. Click the tab that looks like a folder and make sure you've allotted at least a megabyte or two to Flash save storage.

it seem that there is a problem with one of the medals.
you see i completed all 12 challenges and i haven't got the medal for it (even that i got the 100% completion medal for completing the stories and the challenges)...
hope you can fix it ^^

Try viewing the game in a popup rather than the lightbox. Some say this helps. The game will always check for past medals every time you reload it, so your Challenge medal is safe.

off topic: I love you

NegitiveONE did you knew that a user named Greyclock made a game called Newgrounds Rumble 2? Oh and he said that he thinks he's better than you at everything.(Go check out that game)
The game was like rated A and the reviewers say theres holding each other dicks.
Well,reply to this comment.

:/ I feel disappointed.

Yeah, I'll get around to having that deleted sometime.

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