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Did the Objectionable Apparatus guy just make an animation with no twisted sex or deaths? It's actually a welcome change. This came together really well and still had your trademark style and... weirdness. Some scenes were impressively intense, and the music was a great compliment to the whole thing. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

That's all?

I want my money back. You had so much to work with.

Hah, weird

More depressing than funny, but a fitting end to a great series. Kinda funny how you were adamant in past comments and responses that he "wasn't coming back" and "he's dead, you know", but we end with an episode completely centered around Jerry, himself. It was necessary to tie up loose ends, though, and not a selling out in any sense. Not sure what you plan to move onto, from here, but I look forward to it.

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Oh what a luverly bunch of magic nuts you guys are

Wishing y'all a good reception. While the potentially problematic length is about the same as the first, theme, attention to detail, and interesting game play ideas are as present here as they were in the first. Glad to see new talent on board, and I hope everyone has the stomach for a concluding episode, maybe something a bit more robust. But that's nitpicking. Better to have a great short game than a mediocre one that overstays its welcome.
Now I'm gonna take all your fuckin' medals HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT?

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thank you for that GRAND ROMANTIC GESTURE. Haha, thanks man. You've been a true asset and help along this ride. <3

More cons than pros

Above all, did you have permission to use the original code like that? You only have yourself listed in the programming credits, but this is the original engine. Awfully brazen of you to throw around vague threats of lawsuits under shaky circumstances like that.
Unfortunately, I don't have much to say on a positive note. You lifted a good idea and filled it with terrible level design, shoddy attention to detail (look into 'embed fonts'), and a questionable foundation. That is, if you had permission from the original author, you should make it clear now. Even if you did rewrite it from scratch, the gameplay is lifted verbatim, and you've deemed it a direct sequel.

Charak responds:

No, i did not take the original Engine, only reason i deem it a sequel, is cause i liked the original and it DESERVED a Sequel



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That was pretty sharp actually

Pretty professional-sounding. I was lured in by the title, hoping to hear some familiar references, but amidst Barcelona, Dubai, and New York City, I couldn't find much about my dear hometown :P Still, it was worth the stay, very catchy. It's on its second playthrough while I write this and it hasn't itched me the wrong way in the least.

I have a definite boner for this

I wish it didn't already belong to A-Bot.

Rig responds:

Robots don't get boners, silly.

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Not the first of yours I've favorited

Just gorgeous. I love any manmade scenery where you can see a bunch of different tiers of elevation. Stems from 2D platformer love, I think. Love the warm feel too, and that it avoids the Tolkien cliches of most settings from a time long past.

Kahze responds:

Thanks man!


Body of a woman, face of David Bowie. My penis is confused.

voxmortemcg responds:

haha, that one made me laugh! You are right- sometimes my bad drawing habits kick in and results are masculine females lacking only beard :)

Nailed it.

I did always picture him fatter, though.

Yeah, we're all gonna get a lot of things done tomorrow.

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