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Yeah, we're all gonna get a lot of things done tomorrow.

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Hurray! Medals! Now, how to get those secret Medals...

-looks in your medals- Win a match as the Henchman, eh? Hey, I can do that. =3

...10 points?!

10 points too little? You know you can choose a Henchman as your opponent too. Easy peasy :P

2 medals left,ONLY 2 medals and then we are eaqual.But I have one question:I got 5050 Grounds gold I still din`t have gold to buy them all form Deposit,so am I doing something worng or what?

No no. I wasn't saying that you should be able to buy *everything* with 5000. Just that you should earn your 5000 before you spend any, so that you can get the Wall Street Brawler medal.

Ok that makes it one more,ONE more.

Hey NegativeONE, congrats for the medals.
I just have one question...
How am I suposse to play with Henchman?
I know... secret and stuff... but not even a tip?

Shoot Hank between the eyes, but not in a match :P

Actually, I think *I* should be added as a character. You know, since I'm *so* well known and famous around here. My attacks would consist of not-attacking, not moving, and generally being a lifeless vegetable. As long as the played DIDN'T do anything with me, there opponents would constantly be damaged.
What? You know you want to?
Alright, so you don't want to.

Can't blame you for trying :P

Ugh, adding more updates to NGR will only make people whine more and expect more things =P Just declare it finished once and for all.

Too lazy to get more than a few medals.

I did.

nice medals, try to beat this: as the henchman ( if you know how to get him) alone, against 3 others in paddled cell, on wtf mode ^^ i couldnt beat it

Haha, I think it would take an act of God to win under those circumstances.

It'd be sweet if you could play as the henchmen without using convict!
Maybe make him unlock able after beating hank's story?

You can. There's a hint on this page :O


"July 20, 2009 - UPDATE - Medal fix

July 29, 2009 - UPDATE - MEDALS"

You went back in time! :D How do you go back in time 9 days. Unless you ment to say July 30.

Yeeeah yeah. I'll fix that typo soon :P

Amazing game, well made and addicting. Medals are moderate to get, which is a good thing. ^_^

Btw, a little tip on how to get the Henchman unlocked? I've not been able to get what you meant when you said "Shoot Hank between the eyes" in a previous comment. :x

It's done on the Versus character selection screen.

Oh, I DID fight against another Henchman. T'was pretty easy. :3

Hint: To play as Henchman in Versus mode, click on the left arrow on the character selection screen until your selected character is Hank. Click on the middlepiece of Hank's glasses, right between his eyes. Hank's picture will turn into Henchman. This only works in Versus mode, NOT Story mode.

...It may be a little too subtle, but that's TOTALLY something that should be one of those hints before the match starts. 8D

Haha, well I guess this renders those hints I dropped earlier obsolete :P

Oh yeah the game rocks

Ah, alright then. I managed to get the Henchman. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work. :)

Oh tyvm! I can play as a henchmen! Now I'm a very happy camper!

I got all medals now plus with TTA3:)

Why can't I get meat shield? I tried Alloy and Pico (both in the same team) against me, then alloy killed pico using the gun and I didn't get the pop-up.

Thanks for puting my favorite game in newgrounds medals! That make it better.
I think when you practice it become really easy, I beat all the game on OMFG exept some challenges and Convict story mode that make me a lot of work in sissy,and I think a lot of users have problems beating his last part.
If I can help I had many problems winning two medals

Wile E. Ways: I played a challenge and I win that medal, but I didn´t get it so I tried other three times and I continued without winning it. At the end I cleared all save data I played again and I got it.
Survival Horror: I tried to get it many times and in one try I defeat Salad Fingers with Fancy Pants, when I played saw the new recor the medal appeared but it didn´t saved on my account. Then I didn´t get it again.
Sorry about this long review.

Yeah, the medal problems are bumming a lot of people out, myself included. Unfortunately those are just some kinks in the new API that I'm sure will be sorted in due time.

Hey NegativeOne,how many peeps did you kill in SURVIVAL on OMFG

I killed 10 with Piconjo


Back in my prime, I did way better than I do now. But when I was earning the medals recently, I capped out at a modest 6, haha.

In OMFG Versus>I knocked pico 6 times off the junkyard map with Piconjo!

15 Kills on OMFG Survival now

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