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NGR medals, Sandy Eggo, Reemus wrap-up

Posted by NegativeONE - July 29th, 2009

NGR Medals
Mandatory Newgrounds Rumble link
Much like the game itself, adding medals to NGR took much longer than anticipated, but they're finally here, so you can just go back to urging me to put Master Chief in there or what have you. There are a handsome 13 medals, which should keep you pretty busy. The difficulty is ranged from "Oh, that's it?" to "Why would you do this to me?", but I found them all pretty fun to chase out. Also note Mindchamber's sexy work on the icons.

NOTE:The previously mentioned bug preventing Eventually-ending Story and Transgressive Compulsive has been fixed. Clear your cache, reload, and start a match. You should receive the medals you missed.

Before the angry tide rolls in, here are a few tips on some of the trickier medals:

"C-C-Combo Breaker" AND "C-C-Combo Maker" - both of these are much easier when you do not limit yourself to one opponent. The combos and parries are not counted per-opponent. They're counter per air trip.

"Meat Shield" - Henchmen are decent opponents for this. Their guns are standard power, but their HP is abysmal. The infinite ammo challenge level is not as good as you'd think for this medal.

"Wall Street Brawler" - Earn 5000, THEN buy your unlockables. It's 5000 at one time. Not 5000 all-time.

"Survival Horror" - Just.. get good at the game. Learn to parry - it's essential. Don't spam one attack at all the time, they wear down after repeated use. Don't use a damage tank like P-Bot or S'asshole, they have low HP. Always.. ALWAYS get the health pickups.

"Transgressive Compulsive" - Don't forget that completing Training and unlocking everything is part of game completion.

Feel free to PM me if you find serious bugs with the medals. I will reiterate though - there will be no more character updates. I'm afraid your words are wasted on those requests. Before I close this particular topic, I just wanna thank PsychoGoldfish, Mike, BoMToons, Liljim, Wade, and anyone else who provided medal support during this whole thing.

Sandy Eggo
I'm sure a lot of people will be talking about the con, presumably with more interesting stories than me. So I'll just say that it was a lot of fun and any big NG fan should surely attend at least once in their life. Got to meet a bunch of the people I've been meaning to for ages, and the nights are just as much fun, if not more.
Yes, I know how it's spelled.

Reemus Wrapup
I know it's practically illegal to even mention the game, much less link to it these days, but I wanted to say a few words about The Several Adventures of Reemus: Chapter 3 on account of this being my first post since its release.

While the game ended up taking longer than expected (seems to be a running theme here), it was a lot of fun to work on, and the finished product is a beaut. Zeebarf presented a completely contrasting experience to my time working on Johnny Rocketfingers 2. There's no ego about the guy - always open to ideas, never cracking the whip, and totally understanding about my day job interfering with the project regularly.

Even the fallout has been really fun. Zee and I have had a lot of laughs linking each other to reviews. Some people see one legitimate complaint of a bug (the first launch actually had a few), and suddenly anything that didn't go their way is a glitch. Hell, some didn't even realize they were supposed to start playing after the cutscene ended. But you take the good fans with the thick :P Still really enjoying this crazy Flash game makin' business. Still able to promise there'll be more from me in the not so distant future.

PS - I'm going to the bar. Let's see if some crazy fan can beat me to all 13 medals. You have your chance now :P
PPS - Your save files should still be fine. Some of you might already have a few medals once you start playing.


Comments (89)

great :)

Now we can start whining about NG Smackdown as a sequel which will also need medals MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Awesome :D

Awesome. Congrats on the medal addage and good meeting you at the con.

And you as well. You were definitely on my life to-meet list.

so i notice you have steam......

This is true. Pretty much TF2 only.

Those are some very erotic medals.

you need to make master chief a character in NGR2


You need to make blockhead a character.

no u

I got two medals,but it didn`t save those -_-

That's an NG backend problem then. If the icon pops up, my job is done :P The more time-consuming medals will be saved and reactivated if you play a match again.

no not master chief, solid snake

nice haircut btw

Yeah, cos I really wanna invite more SSB comparisons :P
Hah, thanks XP

I was always hoping that game would get medals. :)

He will NEVER add Master Cheif or Solid Snake. Theyr not NG characters. Awesome Snake is, but not Solid Snake.

You really should make a sequel.

can u put master cheif in there? that wud b kool.

Great, I've never thought on NGR with medals, though, they are strange. I thought it would be "Oh, beat the game with FancyPants" But. I guess not. Now, we need to egg TomFulp on for Dad n' me Medals. >:c

I used to play NGR. Beat 5 of the carrers. Now that I'm back, I noticed a move not mentioned in the tutorials, and I didn't know how to do.

Yes, I didn't know how to parry an attack. Only after googling did I realize you meant to block. I think you should add it to the tutorial, because I thought I was missing some counterattack button for a while. :(

Yeah, it's meant to be a bit of a pro thing. Most people don't touch the training anyway. Parrying is mentioned in the tips at increased frequency though.

Oh, and before I forget.


They're awesome, and definitely qualify as NG Mascots.

Done adding characters. Soz.

Yeah, completing all 12 story modes aint registering. :(

Yeah, I'm about to sit down to fixing this.

In the actual game, not on Newgrounds backend.

The fixed copy is now uploaded. Got the medal myself to be sure.

Just to say that instead of puting a 30 on the medal fix date you puted a 20.


OK. GOt all the medals. Any more chalenge now?

Always, just nothing you'll get a medal for. You're not pro till you can beat Convict's story on OMFG difficulty :P

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