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NGR medals, Sandy Eggo, Reemus wrap-up

2009-07-29 22:25:14 by NegativeONE

NGR Medals
Mandatory Newgrounds Rumble link
Much like the game itself, adding medals to NGR took much longer than anticipated, but they're finally here, so you can just go back to urging me to put Master Chief in there or what have you. There are a handsome 13 medals, which should keep you pretty busy. The difficulty is ranged from "Oh, that's it?" to "Why would you do this to me?", but I found them all pretty fun to chase out. Also note Mindchamber's sexy work on the icons.

NOTE:The previously mentioned bug preventing Eventually-ending Story and Transgressive Compulsive has been fixed. Clear your cache, reload, and start a match. You should receive the medals you missed.

Before the angry tide rolls in, here are a few tips on some of the trickier medals:

"C-C-Combo Breaker" AND "C-C-Combo Maker" - both of these are much easier when you do not limit yourself to one opponent. The combos and parries are not counted per-opponent. They're counter per air trip.

"Meat Shield" - Henchmen are decent opponents for this. Their guns are standard power, but their HP is abysmal. The infinite ammo challenge level is not as good as you'd think for this medal.

"Wall Street Brawler" - Earn 5000, THEN buy your unlockables. It's 5000 at one time. Not 5000 all-time.

"Survival Horror" - Just.. get good at the game. Learn to parry - it's essential. Don't spam one attack at all the time, they wear down after repeated use. Don't use a damage tank like P-Bot or S'asshole, they have low HP. Always.. ALWAYS get the health pickups.

"Transgressive Compulsive" - Don't forget that completing Training and unlocking everything is part of game completion.

Feel free to PM me if you find serious bugs with the medals. I will reiterate though - there will be no more character updates. I'm afraid your words are wasted on those requests. Before I close this particular topic, I just wanna thank PsychoGoldfish, Mike, BoMToons, Liljim, Wade, and anyone else who provided medal support during this whole thing.

Sandy Eggo
I'm sure a lot of people will be talking about the con, presumably with more interesting stories than me. So I'll just say that it was a lot of fun and any big NG fan should surely attend at least once in their life. Got to meet a bunch of the people I've been meaning to for ages, and the nights are just as much fun, if not more.
Yes, I know how it's spelled.

Reemus Wrapup
I know it's practically illegal to even mention the game, much less link to it these days, but I wanted to say a few words about The Several Adventures of Reemus: Chapter 3 on account of this being my first post since its release.

While the game ended up taking longer than expected (seems to be a running theme here), it was a lot of fun to work on, and the finished product is a beaut. Zeebarf presented a completely contrasting experience to my time working on Johnny Rocketfingers 2. There's no ego about the guy - always open to ideas, never cracking the whip, and totally understanding about my day job interfering with the project regularly.

Even the fallout has been really fun. Zee and I have had a lot of laughs linking each other to reviews. Some people see one legitimate complaint of a bug (the first launch actually had a few), and suddenly anything that didn't go their way is a glitch. Hell, some didn't even realize they were supposed to start playing after the cutscene ended. But you take the good fans with the thick :P Still really enjoying this crazy Flash game makin' business. Still able to promise there'll be more from me in the not so distant future.

PS - I'm going to the bar. Let's see if some crazy fan can beat me to all 13 medals. You have your chance now :P
PPS - Your save files should still be fine. Some of you might already have a few medals once you start playing.


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2009-07-29 22:52:16

great :)


2009-07-29 23:06:17

Now we can start whining about NG Smackdown as a sequel which will also need medals MWAHAHAHAHAHA


2009-07-29 23:09:30

Awesome :D


2009-07-30 00:50:42

Awesome. Congrats on the medal addage and good meeting you at the con.

NegativeONE responds:

And you as well. You were definitely on my life to-meet list.


2009-07-30 02:00:30

so i notice you have steam......

NegativeONE responds:

This is true. Pretty much TF2 only.


2009-07-30 02:13:20

Those are some very erotic medals.


2009-07-30 03:09:22

you need to make master chief a character in NGR2

NegativeONE responds:



2009-07-30 06:37:24

You need to make blockhead a character.

NegativeONE responds:

no u


2009-07-30 08:38:09

I got two medals,but it didn`t save those -_-

NegativeONE responds:

That's an NG backend problem then. If the icon pops up, my job is done :P The more time-consuming medals will be saved and reactivated if you play a match again.


2009-07-30 09:30:31

no not master chief, solid snake

nice haircut btw

NegativeONE responds:

Yeah, cos I really wanna invite more SSB comparisons :P
Hah, thanks XP


2009-07-30 12:29:09

I was always hoping that game would get medals. :)


2009-07-30 12:33:19

He will NEVER add Master Cheif or Solid Snake. Theyr not NG characters. Awesome Snake is, but not Solid Snake.


2009-07-30 14:35:23

You really should make a sequel.


2009-07-30 15:13:51

can u put master cheif in there? that wud b kool.

Great, I've never thought on NGR with medals, though, they are strange. I thought it would be "Oh, beat the game with FancyPants" But. I guess not. Now, we need to egg TomFulp on for Dad n' me Medals. >:c


2009-07-30 15:43:22

I used to play NGR. Beat 5 of the carrers. Now that I'm back, I noticed a move not mentioned in the tutorials, and I didn't know how to do.

Yes, I didn't know how to parry an attack. Only after googling did I realize you meant to block. I think you should add it to the tutorial, because I thought I was missing some counterattack button for a while. :(

NegativeONE responds:

Yeah, it's meant to be a bit of a pro thing. Most people don't touch the training anyway. Parrying is mentioned in the tips at increased frequency though.


2009-07-30 16:12:25

Oh, and before I forget.


They're awesome, and definitely qualify as NG Mascots.

NegativeONE responds:

Done adding characters. Soz.


2009-07-30 16:28:09

Yeah, completing all 12 story modes aint registering. :(

NegativeONE responds:

Yeah, I'm about to sit down to fixing this.


2009-07-30 16:28:45

In the actual game, not on Newgrounds backend.

NegativeONE responds:

The fixed copy is now uploaded. Got the medal myself to be sure.


2009-07-31 06:01:39

Just to say that instead of puting a 30 on the medal fix date you puted a 20.

NegativeONE responds:



2009-07-31 06:46:22

OK. GOt all the medals. Any more chalenge now?

NegativeONE responds:

Always, just nothing you'll get a medal for. You're not pro till you can beat Convict's story on OMFG difficulty :P


2009-07-31 10:51:26

Hurray! Medals! Now, how to get those secret Medals...

-looks in your medals- Win a match as the Henchman, eh? Hey, I can do that. =3

...10 points?!

NegativeONE responds:

10 points too little? You know you can choose a Henchman as your opponent too. Easy peasy :P


2009-07-31 12:43:22

2 medals left,ONLY 2 medals and then we are eaqual.But I have one question:I got 5050 Grounds gold I still din`t have gold to buy them all form Deposit,so am I doing something worng or what?

NegativeONE responds:

No no. I wasn't saying that you should be able to buy *everything* with 5000. Just that you should earn your 5000 before you spend any, so that you can get the Wall Street Brawler medal.


2009-07-31 14:45:52

Ok that makes it one more,ONE more.


2009-07-31 17:30:57

Hey NegativeONE, congrats for the medals.
I just have one question...
How am I suposse to play with Henchman?
I know... secret and stuff... but not even a tip?

NegativeONE responds:

Shoot Hank between the eyes, but not in a match :P


2009-07-31 23:49:03

Actually, I think *I* should be added as a character. You know, since I'm *so* well known and famous around here. My attacks would consist of not-attacking, not moving, and generally being a lifeless vegetable. As long as the played DIDN'T do anything with me, there opponents would constantly be damaged.
What? You know you want to?
Alright, so you don't want to.

NegativeONE responds:

Can't blame you for trying :P


2009-08-01 01:44:28

Ugh, adding more updates to NGR will only make people whine more and expect more things =P Just declare it finished once and for all.

Too lazy to get more than a few medals.

NegativeONE responds:

I did.


2009-08-01 10:37:34

nice medals, try to beat this: as the henchman ( if you know how to get him) alone, against 3 others in paddled cell, on wtf mode ^^ i couldnt beat it

NegativeONE responds:

Haha, I think it would take an act of God to win under those circumstances.


2009-08-01 23:23:56

It'd be sweet if you could play as the henchmen without using convict!
Maybe make him unlock able after beating hank's story?

NegativeONE responds:

You can. There's a hint on this page :O


2009-08-02 07:24:17


"July 20, 2009 - UPDATE - Medal fix

July 29, 2009 - UPDATE - MEDALS"

You went back in time! :D How do you go back in time 9 days. Unless you ment to say July 30.

NegativeONE responds:

Yeeeah yeah. I'll fix that typo soon :P


2009-08-02 09:33:40

Amazing game, well made and addicting. Medals are moderate to get, which is a good thing. ^_^

Btw, a little tip on how to get the Henchman unlocked? I've not been able to get what you meant when you said "Shoot Hank between the eyes" in a previous comment. :x

NegativeONE responds:

It's done on the Versus character selection screen.


2009-08-02 11:34:48

Oh, I DID fight against another Henchman. T'was pretty easy. :3

Hint: To play as Henchman in Versus mode, click on the left arrow on the character selection screen until your selected character is Hank. Click on the middlepiece of Hank's glasses, right between his eyes. Hank's picture will turn into Henchman. This only works in Versus mode, NOT Story mode.

...It may be a little too subtle, but that's TOTALLY something that should be one of those hints before the match starts. 8D

NegativeONE responds:

Haha, well I guess this renders those hints I dropped earlier obsolete :P


2009-08-02 14:24:47

Oh yeah the game rocks


2009-08-02 16:06:51

Ah, alright then. I managed to get the Henchman. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work. :)


2009-08-02 18:06:43

Oh tyvm! I can play as a henchmen! Now I'm a very happy camper!


2009-08-03 10:58:28

I got all medals now plus with TTA3:)


2009-08-04 21:09:55

Why can't I get meat shield? I tried Alloy and Pico (both in the same team) against me, then alloy killed pico using the gun and I didn't get the pop-up.


2009-08-05 11:07:44

Thanks for puting my favorite game in newgrounds medals! That make it better.
I think when you practice it become really easy, I beat all the game on OMFG exept some challenges and Convict story mode that make me a lot of work in sissy,and I think a lot of users have problems beating his last part.
If I can help I had many problems winning two medals

Wile E. Ways: I played a challenge and I win that medal, but I didn´t get it so I tried other three times and I continued without winning it. At the end I cleared all save data I played again and I got it.
Survival Horror: I tried to get it many times and in one try I defeat Salad Fingers with Fancy Pants, when I played saw the new recor the medal appeared but it didn´t saved on my account. Then I didn´t get it again.
Sorry about this long review.

NegativeONE responds:

Yeah, the medal problems are bumming a lot of people out, myself included. Unfortunately those are just some kinks in the new API that I'm sure will be sorted in due time.


2009-08-06 04:40:10

Hey NegativeOne,how many peeps did you kill in SURVIVAL on OMFG

I killed 10 with Piconjo


NegativeONE responds:

Back in my prime, I did way better than I do now. But when I was earning the medals recently, I capped out at a modest 6, haha.


2009-08-06 08:21:58

In OMFG Versus>I knocked pico 6 times off the junkyard map with Piconjo!


2009-08-06 14:53:01

15 Kills on OMFG Survival now


2009-08-06 16:19:17

I got all medals,im teh crazy fan.

I made a joke:

NegativeOne is so NEGATIVE,2+2 is -4

NegativeONE responds:

Heheh, but you're too late to be the crazy fan mentioned in my post. I already got all of the medals the next day :P But congrats, well earned.


2009-08-07 19:23:50

dam! does this hav 2 b about the medals? anyway the rumble wud b btr if convincts final wud b easier


2009-08-08 21:58:41

Due i was playing NG rumble and i was so close to 100% and my GOD DAMN computer deleted all my data! Again! I hate my computer so much... T_T

NegativeONE responds:

Shit dude : [


2009-08-09 02:37:47

When will you make the downloadable version have all the updates :C
I want to play Fancy and Hank on the exe :C


2009-08-09 03:58:21

Downloadable?Hahaha it already is:

Firefox:Right Click>View Page Info>Media>find teh swf file,download it

Then you need a program to run it:
Go to MindChambers's site and download NGR exe

Right click on SWF file,and make it run thru the NGR exe

There,play 4 life now


2009-08-09 21:01:14

pleas pleas pleas !pleas! make a castle crasher in newgrounds rumble as a character it would be cool also if u can pick the color


2009-08-12 21:50:35

A cute guy on NG? Rare.

NegativeONE responds:

Where?! ): O


2009-08-13 06:17:09

I downloaded the NGR.exe version and it has Hank and Fancy Pants.Only the Henchman(men)are twitching.-_-

NegativeONE responds:

Twitching? Could you elaborate?


2009-08-26 03:28:08

Like trying to jump and then they are like going up and down,up and down and they wont stop untill they got hit.It mostly happens when they start to jump or going to roof or down the hall in Nevada stage.

NegativeONE responds:

Hmm, couldn't recreate it just now, but I'll watch for it and see if it happens to others.


2009-09-14 20:23:04

50th Comment!